Where was that again...

Sometimes, when you have a vintage shop, and end up with a little bit of everything, it can be a lot. I am a planner. I like everything to have a place. To know where it goes. Kitchen items go here, vintage office supplies over there. My partner, not so much. He is the creative power. The visionary. No plan needed. Everything is an art project, and it looks awesome. But I can't find the yardsticks. We had some, I know we did (they were right here)...

Alas, the plight of our shop. Chock full of goodness, seemingly without rhyme or reason, but totally cool. Remarkably, I usually know where most things are, or where they would be, and whether or not we have yardsticks. Or an old metal wall thermometer from a soda shop. It's funny how familiar one can become with random inventory. These quotes are another story. They've been in the same spot since we got them. I love them. I love watching people stop and read through them, moved by one word or another. They aren't the run of the mill quotes, cliche, now found anything printable everywhere. No, these have been searched out, hunted, longed for. Most are moving. Some are just true. I can get lost in them, even worse than in the card store. I've picked out a few, along with the zinc frames, to put in my bathroom after I finish painting it. So I can read them. Every day. To remember what's important.

Sometimes finding the yardsticks is important. But this...

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