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I see lots of pictures, on Instagram, on Pinterest, everywhere, that tell me what my home should look like. Especially if I'm blogging, or Pinteresting, or in the home decor business. Beautiful photos of living rooms done in all white, or bone, or ecru, with just the right amount of green... But, that is not my house. I can repost those photos, but they won't be of MY living room. Oh it looks great - and sometimes I'm envious, for just a minute. But I LIVE in my house. I want it full of things I love. And it gets dirty. There is not a white cushion to be found. Anywhere. There is a vintage red leather reclining chair. And an red plaid wool throw (the favorite blanket) and knotty pine walls. Industrial Chic abounds, alongside some roosters, family photos, old signs and a cross collection. There are many, many things in my house. Fun things. Funky things. Eclectic things. Vintage things. Loved things. Inside my white cottage style house with a rock fireplace and a brick walkway. Cat on porch. Here's a peek:

This is a great lamp, in the front corner of the house, with a triple tier drum shade... modern mid-century, probably teak... very cool, and great soft light. I love the fun hanging glass shapes in the window and how they catch light. My mom gave the to me. The tie backs on the canvas "drapes" are old bed springs.

The rock fireplace is old... and needs some work before a real fire is built in it - so in the mean time, it holds tons of candles and creates quite a warm cozy glow in winter. Vintage andirons and an old brass surround. Oh yes, and buddha. For good measure...

There is a collection of old iron animals. And clocks. And finials. On top of the sweet white bookcase with moulding (one of my favorite things) which is, of course, chock full of books.

Over the fireplace is a nice old wood framed mirror. Vintage of course, maybe even antique. Worn just enough to know it's been loved. Gorgeous. The mantle, like everything else, is a great display area for all kinds of treasures. This awesome wooden carved rooster was a gift from Ron's mom. You can see the tail of the horse of a knight in shining armor... a cast iron elephant for good luck. A cast iron finial. (didn't I mention iron animals. and finials.) And shelf books. We love shelf books.

There is more. Oh, is there more.

It'll wait, for another day...

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