Beautiful Vintage Crystal Chandeliers

I absolutely LOVE this photo. I love the set up, the amazing vintage crystal chandeliers, the drape of the tree, and the river. I've seen it on Pinterest, on other peoples web sites, and other companies promos. But I took the photo :) It's interesting to see how things spread on the internet! This was a wedding we did at Eagle Creek Estates, on the river in Eagle Ponit Oregon. Ron Dunn, co-owner of The Coop de Ville is also an Event Planner and Ah-Mazing decorator. Being in the 'junk' business lends itself to having many, many props, and the opportunity to find things like vintage crystal chandeliers...

Rustic Elegance Table Top

hundreds of pieces of mis-matched silver, bottles, old mason jars, and vintage silver candlesticks...

Mis-Matched Wine Glasses for an eclectic look

...and beautiful mis-matched old (and new) funky glasses for this gorgeous wine station...

so we can create boho chic , farm chic, rustic elgance, or 100% elegant and Pinteresty weddings. Lots of little touches make magic. Rusty bare lampshades act as risers. An old farm sink and wooden barrels hold tiered displays for the glasses. And vintage dressers paired with miscellenous random pieces, that Ron just happens to have available (because he is a prolific buyer, after all), created these beautiful outdoor spaces for photo opportunities and interest at the venue. It is always exciting to see things come together, to see the outcome of the vision. It was a dream wedding.


Vintage Dresser & accessories vignette
Vintage Dresser & Garden Vignette

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