Paisley Tumblers, really?

Sometimes, when one is out 'picking', it's hard to tell exactly what your getting. This may sound odd, but it's true. There are times we look at something right out of the gate and think, Yes, this is cool. Sometimes we get back and think, what the heck did we spend all that money on?? Other times we just have to sort through the pile we came home with and hope there is a hidden treasure. It really is not like American Pickers... but I digress... Saturday we went to an estate sale about 40 minutes out. We had already been there Friday, but went back again (we do that sometimes!). Ron finds (more) things he likes, and I cruise around to see what I can see. He is much better than me. But it is always fun. I pick up lightbulbs, old rubber bottle cap stoppers (my favorite thing from this trip), blue ball jars, a cross for my collection. He found a set of odd old glasses. We like glasses, and if there's not a full set we'll often just buy the one to add to our mis-matched collection at home. These were sure pretty, and had a mark, so we looked them up on eBay. Turns out they are "roly poly" tumblers, made by Culver LTD, Red Paisley is their name, accented with 22k gold. Sweet. They'll be on eBay soon. Some days are like that. Others, not so much :)

#CulverLtd #Picking #Vintage #TheCoopdeVille

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